Inflatable Kayak FAQ

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How much is an inflatable kayak?
This really depends on the quality of the kayak. There are cheap inflatable kayaks that sell for less than $100, and high-end inflatable kayaks that cost more than $1,000.

Can I bring my dog in an inflatable kayak?
Absolutely! The more well-constructed inflatable kayaks are made out of military grade PVC material which is nearly indestructible. Having said that, it’s always a good idea to keep your dog’s nails trimmed.

What type of maintenance is required for an inflatable kayak?
You should always wash off your kayak with fresh water and completely dry it before storing it. Also, you can wash it with some mild soap and water if it needs a bit more than a fresh water rinse.

Are inflatable kayaks safe?
While you should always practice good kayak safety, inflatable kayaks are extremely safe and a ton of fun.

Are inflatable kayaks stable?
Absolutely! Inflatable kayaks typically have a wider base than traditional hardshell kayaks, and are more stable as a result.

Are inflatable kayaks hard to paddle?
No. Well-constructed inflatable kayaks track great and are super easy to paddle.

Are inflatable kayaks good for fishing?
Inflatable kayaks are wonderful for fishing as they’re far more portable and easier to get into the water.

Are inflatable kayaks any good?
We think they’re the best! Inflatable kayaks are super durable, stable, and far more convenient than hardshell kayaks.

Are inflatable kayaks dangerous?
Inflatable kayaks are quite safe, but you should still practice good kayaking safety.

Are inflatable kayaks durable?
Well-constructed inflatable kayaks are made with military grade materials and are nearly indestructible.

Are inflatable kayaks fast?
That all depends on the kayak, but the best inflatable kayaks handle very well and are fast on the water.

Are inflatable kayaks safe for fishing?
Yes, inflatable kayaks are safe and quite popular for fishing.

Are inflatable kayaks good for the sea?
Yes, the best inflatable kayaks are great in the ocean due to their increased stability.

Are inflatable kayaks worth it?
Inflatable kayaks are worth the money if they’re enjoyed! Overall, inflatable kayaks are a great value and often get used a whole lot more because they’re far more convenient and portable than hardshell kayaks.

What are inflatable kayaks made of?
The best inflatable kayaks are constructed out of military-grade PVC material that is impervious to dings, cuts, and punctures.

Are inflatable kayaks reliable?
Yes, the better-built inflatable kayaks are made with extremely durable materials that are nearly indestructible. Also, most inflatable kayaks come with a one to three year warranty which covers any manufacturer defects.

Are inflatable kayaks slower than hardshell kayaks?
This really depends on the kayaks being compared, but if you match the fastest inflatable kayak up to the fastest hardshell kayak, the inflatable kayak will be slower.


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