Paddle Logger Kayaking App for iOS

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Paddle Logger Kayaking AppPaddle Logger is an awesome kayaking app for iOS that will track and log all of your kayaking adventures. Whether you’re out for a leisurely paddle or hitting the rapids, the Paddle Logger kayak app records and stores all of your session data.

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Paddle Logger is super simple to use. The app’s clean interface features a large start/stop button that responds with a single tap. You’ll get a complete record of the date and location of the session, time, total distance, duration, average paddling speed, pace, and maximum paddling speed. You can also shoot photos along the way and drop pins, and the app features a sweet GPS trip map that plots the course you took.

Another nice feature is being able to postpone the start of your kayaking session temporarily until you’ve had time to safely stash your phone away in your dry bag or waterproof phone case.

The app’s developer David Walker did a super job on this kayaking app—highly recommended.

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