Sea Eagle 330 vs. 370

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Sea Eagle 330 vs. 370The Sea Eagle 330 and 370 are two extremely popular inflatable kayaks from Sea Eagle’s Sport line. Both kayaks will work for solo and tandem kayaking, and both share similar construction and features. So which kayak is the best one for you?

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In this post, we’ll go over the key differences between the Sea Eagle 330 and the Sea Eagle 370 inflatable kayaks. We’ll compare the dimensions, specs, and various packages for sale. At the end of the post is a handy comparison chart which will allow you to easily compare both inflatable kayaks side by side. Please note that we compared the baseline configurations of both models, so some details such as seats and paddles will change depending on the model you choose.

If you’re on the fence about which Sea Eagle kayak to buy, hopefully this post will shed some light on the main differences and help you to decide which one is better for you.

The Difference Between the Sea Eagle 330 and 370

While these kayaks are extremely similar, there are some very important differences to be aware of.

The first and most obvious difference between the Sea Eagle 330 and the 370 is the size. Weighing in at 26 pounds and measuring 11’2″ in length, the SE330 is both lighter and shorter. The SE370 is 12’5″ long and has a weight of 32 pounds.

The second key difference between the two kayaks is the max carrying capacity. The Sea Eagle 330 has a max capacity of 500 pounds, while the Sea Eagle 370 can handle 650 pounds. Due to the additional carrying capacity and buoyancy requirements of the larger 370, Sea Eagle used a 38 mil Polykrylar material vs. the 33 mil used on the 330. The thicker 38 mil material basically feels the same, but it does improve durability on the 370 by about 10%-15%.

Last but not least, there are significant differences in the packages for sale for each model. The base model for the Sea Eagle SE330 is the Pro Solo Kayak package which includes a single Deluxe inflatable kayak seat, a Sea Eagle 330 carry bag, a 7’10” AB30 paddle, an A41 foot pump, and a small inflatable kayak repair kit.

In addition to the baseline SE330 Pro Solo Kayak setup, Sea Eagle also offers three upgraded SE330 tandem kayak configurations: the Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe Kayak, the Sea Eagle 330 Pro Kayak, and the Sea Eagle 330 QuikSail Kayak. If you’re interested in the best tandem kayak configuration for the Sea Eagle 330, we highly recommend the Pro Kayak package as it includes the upgraded Deluxe inflatable kayak seats (they are more comfortable and offer much better back support). Last but not least, feel free to check out our complete Sea Eagle SE330 review.

Next up, are the package options for the 370. The base model for the Sea Eagle SE370 is the Deluxe package which includes two 7’10” AB30 paddles, two SEC kayak seats, an A41 foot pump, the Sea Eagle 370 carry bag, and a small inflatable kayak repair kit.

There are also three additional upgraded SE370 packages for sale: the Sea Eagle 370 Sport Fishing Kayak, the Sea Eagle 370 Pro Kayak, and the Sea Eagle 370 QuikSail Kayak. As with the 330, we recommend the Sea Eagle 370 Pro Kayak package if you’re looking for the best tandem kayak configuration as it includes the better seats. For more in-depth details on this kayak, please read our full Sea Eagle SE370 review.

Sea Eagle 330 vs. 370 Comparison Chart

Sea Eagle 330 Pro Solo Kayak
Sea Eagle 330 (Pro Solo)
Sea Eagle 370 Deluxe Kayak
Sea Eagle 370 (Deluxe)
Weight26 pounds32 pounds
Max Capacity500 pounds650 pounds
TypeSolo, TandemTandem
Seats(1) Deluxe inflatable kayak seat(2) SEC seats
Paddles(1) 7’10” AB30 paddle(2) 7’10” AB30 paddles
PackagesPro Solo, Deluxe, Pro, QuikSailDeluxe, Sport Fishing, Pro, QuikSail
PriceClick here for best priceClick here for best price


  1. I am trying to decide between these 2 models. The SE 330 is made from 33 mil Polykrylar, while the SE 370 is made of 38 mil Polykrylar. Do you find that the 370 feels more durable than the 330? Or more rigid? They both inflate to 1.1 psi. I’m looking for a smaller kayak for recreation purposes, so I’m leaning towards the 330. But would the extra 5 mil thickness in the 370 be worth shelling out more for? Also, how does performance compare on these? Does the 370 track better than the 330?

  2. Hey Jennifer, thanks for your comment.

    There is no discernible difference between the 33 mil and 38 mil as far as rigidity or feel is concerned, but there is a slight (~10%-15%) improvement in overall durability with the 370 as a result of the thicker material. Sea Eagle used the heavier 38 mil on the 370 due to the additional weight and buoyancy requirements.

    As far as tracking goes, the 370 is the better of the two as it’s longer.

    Hope this helps, Jennifer! Happy paddling.

  3. I’m struggling to choose between the 2 also, I want a kayak that will be suitable for tandem (×2 grown adults) 50% of the time, but also something that I can take out solo. I’ve heard the 330 is a bit cramped for 2 grown adults (I’m 6ft 3 so taller than usual) so I’ve been leaning towards the 370, but is the 370 easy to handle as solo or would the 330 have sufficient space for 2 adults comfortably? Thanks

  4. Hi Ollie, I’d recommend the 370 for you as it will be much more comfortable with two adult paddlers.

  5. Hi, looking at buying the 370, been persuaded that you can take your dogs in the canoe which we would do at times. Seen other inflatable canoes around the £100 market. Could you tell me the difference from these cheaper ones than the sea eagle 370. Cheers Ian

  6. KJ, either would likely work, load-wise. But you might prefer the more durable 38 mil material of the 370. Plus it will afford some extra room for the two of you!

  7. Ian, there are definitely paddlers that like to take their dog in the 370 (there’s even one pictured on their website at the moment!). Compared to the much cheaper “no name” kayaks for sale, the old adage of “you get what you pay for” definitely applies. The Sea Eagles are going to feature more robust materials and engineering. And you’ll have Sea Eagle’s reliable customer service, should you encounter an issue post-sale. In our experience a lot of the cheapest kayaks out there have little to no support available.

    Hope that helps!

  8. Hi,

    I am trying to figure out whether we should go for a 330 or shell our for a 300x. We want to most versatility for seating, light river, and bay waves. Can the 330 handle moving water or is it best for calm lake? Also, if we want two people (medium child) in the kayak, is there another, better choice?

  9. Sea Eagle rates both the 330 and the 370 as suitable for up to class III whitewater. So it really is up to you in terms of the size and capacity you’re looking for.

  10. Hi Justine! The 300x is really intended as a 1-person kayak. If you’re looking for a budget option, I’d suggest looking at Sea Eagle’s Sport Kayak line — either the SE 330 or the SE 370 could accommodate 2 people and a variety of water conditions. If you have more budget to play with, the Explorer 380x has some nice features, but it’s also much heavier and costs 2-3 times as much. Hope that helps!

  11. Hi, i need to konw if the 370 is good for one person. I have 3 kids, but I think i will navegate alone most time.

    Which should i buy???



  12. Yes, the 370 can be set up to be paddled solo when you’re on your own. Sounds like it’s the best fit for you and your family. Happy paddling!

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