Sea Eagle 420x Explorer Review

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Sea Eagle 420x ExplorerThe largest inflatable kayak in the popular Explorer lineup, the Sea Eagle 420x is a 2 or 3 person kayak that is capable of supporting up to 855 pounds. Perfect for anyone who needs a roomy and durable inflatable kayak for hauling plenty of gear, the 420x offers a lot in the way of comfort and versatility.

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Sea Eagle has a longstanding reputation for making great inflatable kayaks. The family owned and operated company has been making inflatable watercraft since the 1960’s, and their excellent customer service and industry leading warranty coverage show that they are serious about standing behind what they make.

In this Sea Eagle 420x Explorer review, we’ll be covering the standout features of this popular inflatable kayak, the materials and construction, specs, pros and cons, package options, and more.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…
ProsVery stable
Great durability
Super portable
Easy inflation/setup
Well built
High-quality materials
Good maneuverability
Very roomy
Necessary accessories included
3 year warranty
180 day risk-free trial
Top-shelf customer support
ConsCarrying bag could be better
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Sea Eagle 420x Kayak Review – Overview

Sea Eagle 420x SeatingThe Sea Eagle 420x is a great choice if you’re into camping or doing overnight kayaking trips. This is a really spacious kayak that can handle a lot of gear, and its rugged construction and class IV whitewater rating mean you can take it just about anywhere.

When fully inflated, the 420x’s interior measures 160″ x 15″ and it weighs in at 42 pounds.

Like the other inflatable kayaks made by Sea Eagle, the 420x is built with super high-quality materials. The 1100 Decitex reinforced material is tough and proven to hold up well over time, and the overlapped seams further increase the kayak’s durability.

420x Whitewater

The 420x is a champ when it comes to versatility — this kayak is equally at home in the rapids, flat water, and the ocean. There is just so much that you can do with the 420x Explorer, and the roomy size means that you’ll be able to bring a couple other paddlers along (or your dog and a ton of gear).

If you love the features, versatility, and top-shelf build quality of the 420x but just don’t need a kayak this big, we highly recommend Sea Eagle’s smaller 380x and the 300x Explorer. Both of these smaller models share the same DNA as the 420x, but are sized in solo and tandem configurations.


Sea Eagle 420x Skeg

The 420x Explorer tracks well thanks to a large, removable rear skeg. Want to reduce yaw during flat water paddling? The skeg is super easy to attach. For whitewater conditions, just pop it off and stash it in your bag.


420x Drop Stitch Floor

The floor of the Sea Eagle 420x is modular and it is made out of rigid drop stitch construction. The design is actually a floor on top of a floor, and this gives the kayak additional rigidity as well as another layer of protection against rocks, sticks, and other obstacles.

When the time comes to break down your 420x, the modular floor design makes it super easy to disassemble for cleaning.

Drain Valves

420x Drain Valves

The 420x has a total of 16 self-bailing quick drain valves. These valves are extremely easy to open and close, and they do a good job of letting water drain out when things get wet. For flat water paddling, just close the valves and the cockpit will stay nice and dry.

Additional Features

The NMMA certified 420x comes with front and rear spray skirts. The spray skirts have convenient handles on them for easy carrying as well as bungee cord storage areas for securing gear. There are also 26 stainless steel D-rings which are great for tying down gear and securing the seats.

Sea Eagle 420x Explorer Rating
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Portability
  • Warranty
  • Customer Service
  • Price
User Review
2.76 (17 votes)


Weight33 pounds
Max Capacity350 pounds

What’s Included

Sea Eagle 420x Deluxe

The base configuration of the Sea Eagle 420x Explorer is the Deluxe model. It includes everything that you need to start paddling:

  • An A41 foot pump
  • A repair kit
  • Two 7’10” AB30 paddles
  • An inflatable kayak carrying bag
  • Two Deluxe inflatable kayak seats

Additionally, the 420x comes with Sea Eagle’s awesome 3-year warranty which covers all manufacturing defects. They also throw in a full 180-day risk-free trial period.


In addition to the entry-level Deluxe model, Sea Eagle offers 6 additional configurations:

  • The Sea Eagle 420x Pro Kayak model comes with a kayak carry bag, two 8′ AB40 paddles, two stow bags, two tall back seats, an A41 foot pump, and an inflatable kayak repair kit.
  • Sea Eagle’s 420x Pro Carbon package includes two tall back seats, two stow bags, an A41 foot pump, a repair kit, a carry bag, and two AB50 Paddles
  • If you want to take your 420x sailing, we recommend checking out the Sea Eagle 420x Explorer QuikSail configuration. It comes with a QuikSail, two tall back seats, two 8′ AB40 paddles, a repair kit, an A41 foot pump, two stow bags, and a carry bag.
  • The Sea Eagle 420x Explorer Pro Motor package includes two tall back seats, a Watersnake Asp T24, a Sea Eagle Explorer Motormount kit, two 8′ AB40 paddles, two 4 foot STRAPs, a carry bag, an A41 foot pump, and a repair kit.
  • Sea Eagle’s 420x Explorer QuikRow configuration comes with a QuikRow kit, a carry bag, two Deluxe inflatable seats, two 7’10 AB30 paddles, two Scotty Rod Holders, an A41 foot pump, and a repair kit.
  • Last but not least, the Sea Eagle 420x Pro Motor Fishing Rig is the ultimate configuration for anyone who wants to take the 420x fishing. This package includes an A41 foot pump, two swivel seat fish rigs, two 8′ AB40 paddles, a carry bag, a Watersnake Venom 34, a Motormount Explorer kit, a multi-purpose storage box, and a repair kit.


What is the best way to clean the 420x?

There really isn’t much to it. Just be sure to rinse off your kayak with fresh water after each use and dry it completely before storing it away. From time to time when you need some additional cleaning power, just use a bit of mild soap and water.

Is the 420x a dog-friendly inflatable kayak?

Absolutely. The 420x is made out of ultra-tough material that is nearly indestructible.

More 420X Explorer Photos


Sea Eagle 420x Tandem

Sea Eagle 420x Kayak

Sea Eagle 420x QuikSail

Final Thoughts

The Sea Eagle 420x Explorer is an incredibly well-built inflatable kayak that will give you years of enjoyment. This model is capable of hauling an impressive load, and its overall versatility is really tough to beat.

We love the fact that the 420x is a go-anywhere kayak that you can take in the whitewater, ocean, lakes, rivers, etc. Over time, paddling preferences sometimes change — with the 420x, you won’t have to worry about outgrowing your kayak. This model can pretty much do it all.

Of course, we’re also huge fans of Sea Eagle’s amazing support and industry best 3-year warranty. Their 180-day risk-free trial takes away all the risk and really proves how serious the company is about standing behind their gear.

All in all, if you need a large kayak and are looking for an excellent performing inflatable that is rugged, dependable, and made by one of the best companies in the business, the 420x is one to seriously consider.

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  1. Nice write-up! I really like the versatility of the 420x as well as the higher carrying capacity…

  2. The Sea Eagle 420x has several features that reduce the risk of puncture (or sinking if punctured). First, the drop-stitch floor (the inflatable part) is modular, sitting on top of a second floor layer that’s part of the outer shell. That double layer adds extra protection against puncture.

    Second, the 420x contains 3 separate chambers – each side and the floor. So even if one chamber is punctured, you’ll still have partial buoyancy from the other two chambers, giving you time to get to shore.

  3. Iv e had sea eagle kayaks since they were 1st made. Can’t remember poking a hole in one , I did get one where the seams had tiny leaks.that made it go soft after hours of use and it was in no danger of sinking and it was replaced under warranted. I think my 1st one was bought in 1970 something. My current one is the 420 explorer 14 ft. I’ve nothing but praise for it the strange thing is the farther out from the bank you get the smaller your boat gets 14 ft works for me and a passenger from time to time and it rolls up small enough to fit in my car trunk

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