Sea Eagle Sport Kayak Review

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The Sea Eagle Sport kayak is the ultimate weekend getaway boat. It comes in two similar models, the SE 330 and the SE 370. Both inflatable kayaks have a light weight of around 30 pounds, and can be transported virtually anywhere, eliminating the need to buy an expensive rooftop rack or trailer because of the compact size.

Despite the sleek, compact design, the Sea Eagle Sport kayak is strong enough to hold up to 500 and 650 pounds, respectively, of cargo and gear. The material from which they are constructed is also very strong and durable, and will not puncture when hit with a hammer. They are highly versatile and durable and have a variety of standard and specific features which make them great, yet safe, sport utility boats.

Sea Eagle Sport Kayak Review – An Overview

Sea Eagle Sport KayakAs do all of the other boats featured in our Sea Eagle kayak reviews, the Sea Eagle Sport kayak comes equipped with a variety of standard and special features.

The Sea Eagle Sport kayak is NMMA certified, contains a self bailing drain valve, three deluxe one-way valves, lashed down inflatable spray skirts, a unique I-beam floor for added rigidity and stability, two skegs on the bottom for increased tracking and speed, and a bow and stern grab line for added safety. The boat also comes with its own pressure gauge as well as repair kit.

The unique features of the SE 330 include a spacious interior of 9′ 6″ x 1′ 1″, a capacity of two adults or up to 500 pounds of cargo, three chambers, 5 deluxe one-way air valves, and an inflation and assembly time of only 6 minutes. It is constructed from a durable 33 mil Polykrylor material and weighs 26 pounds.

The SE 370 has an interior space of 10′ 8″ x 1′ 1″, a capacity of three adults or up to 650 pounds and weighs 32 pounds. It also has three chambers, 5 deluxe one way air valves, and is constructed from 38 mil PolyKrylor material. Its total inflation and assembly time is 8 minutes.

There are two discount packages offered by Sea Eagle which feature the Sea Eagle Sport Kayak. These packages are designed to incorporate a variety of equipment appropriate for a specific type of trip into a single, affordable package for the customer.

The first is the SE 330 or 370 Deluxe Package. Included in this package is the appropriate model of the Sport Kayak, two 7’10” AB30 paddles, a foot pump, two canoe seats, and a carrybag. This package is suitable for a leisurely kayaking trip for two people.

The SE 330 or 370 Pro Kayak Package is also available and suitable for an extended kayaking and rowing trip. It comes with the appropriate model Sea Eagle Sport Kayak boat, two 7’10” AB30 paddles, two inflatable seats, a foot pump, and a carrybag.

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