Sevylor Colorado Fishing Kayak Review

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Sevylor Colorado Fishing Kayak ReviewThe Sevylor Colorado Fishing Kayak is a popular choice when it comes to inflatable kayaks, and for good reason. With more than 20 million Americans living in apartments nowadays, we really have to thank Sevylor for bringing the joy of fishing to thousands who don’t have the garage space to store a boat or traditional kayak.

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The Sevylor Colorado inflatable fishing kayak is a portable fishing powerhouse that is small and light enough to store in the closet of your home. It folds up into an easy to carry 2′ by 3′ carrying case, and making it an ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with boat trailers or storage issues.

Easily carried over one’s shoulder, the Sevylor Colorado 2-person fishing kayak is so lightweight that almost anyone can tote it about. Throw the Colorado into the back seat of your car for those weekend getaways, or for a spontaneous stop at your local fishing hole. Going fishing in some exotic land? Just grab your Colorado and your passport. The Sevylor Colorado packs into a convenient duffel bag, weighing in at a lightweight 41 lbs.

In this Sevylor Colorado fishing kayak review, we’ll take a look at this inflatable fishing rig’s specs, best features, construction, performance, and more.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…
Very affordable
Extremely roomy
Convenient mesh storage areas
Plenty of D-rings for securing gear
Super portable
ConsWarranty is only 12 months
Pump and paddles not included
Tracking performance not the best
Air valves could be improved
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Sevylor Colorado Inflatable Fishing Kayak Overview

Berkley Quick-Set Rod HoldersThe Sevylor Colorado is all about fishing. It comes with Berkley Quick-Set Rod Holders that are fully adjustable and made of tough polypropylene construction so you can get your lure down fast. While you concentrate on managing your gear, convenient paddle holders secure the paddles.

Mesh storage pockets on the inside of the boat securely hold all of your fishing gear and accessories. The Sevylor Colorado comes with handy D-rings for tying down gear, and with such a generous carrying capacity, there’s a lot of extra room for bringing gear along.

The Sevylor Colorado comes equipped with Sevylor trolling motor fittings. Sevylor, by the way, invented the heat welding of PVC back in 1948, ushering in the era of inflatable craft. These fittings permit a trolling engine to be connected to the Colorado, adding an awesome new component to the angling arena. Sevylor 12V electric motors are incredibly silent and powerful enough to get you quickly where you want to go. What’s even better is this trolling motor is lightweight and electric, meaning it, too, can go in your closet or the trunk of your car.

Sevylor Colorado Fishing Kayak Rating
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Sevylor Colorado Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Sevylor Colorado Fishing Kayak Setup

The Sevylor Colorado takes only minutes to inflate. Handy connecters make connecting any pump to the valves on the hull and side chambers a snap.

Simply remove the kayak from its carrying case, lay it out on the shore, and attach your pump. The Colorado uses Boston valves for quick and easy inflation.

Sevylor also knows that having the right pressure in your kayak is important. That is why a handy pressure gauge is included to keep you at the right psi. When you are done inflating, your pump fits conveniently into the storage pouch in the hull of the kayak, so you can take it on those overnight trips.

Price and Convenience

Not only does the Sevylor Colorado fishing kayak make a lot of sense when compared to the price of comparable hardshell kayaks, it simply blows the price of an aluminum runabout right out of the water.

Also, remember that you won’t need a boat trailer or an expensive racking system like you do for cumbersome, hardshell kayak. Throw the Sevylor Colorado fishing kayak into the back seat and you’re on your way.


Seyvlor Colorado Kayak

Max Capacity470 pounds
The Sevylor Colorado 2-person fishing kayak is made of thick 18-gauge PVC coated onto a nylon fabric base. It boasts an outstanding 1000D fabric hull. That matters. 1000D is what another famous brand uses for their high end (and astronomically priced) rescue craft. I’ll take the Sevylor, thanks.

The Colorado is covered in heavy duty 870D fabric on the outside to protect it from jagged tree branches, fish hooks, and abrasions from nylon rope. It is constructed with independent chambers, meaning that in the event of a puncture on one side, the other chamber will keep you afloat.

The hull floor uses a double I-beam construction, which is the best design created to date. It maintains stability and prevents sagging or ‘taco chipping’ as it is known.

The Sevylor Colorado inflatable fishing kayaknmakes you safe in other ways, too. A Double Lock Valve inflation system called Airtight is guaranteed not to leak air as you paddle. This keeps the Colorado inflated and adds peace of mind.

Sevylor Colorado 2-Person Fishing KayakThe Colorado is certified to hold a whopping 470lbs. That’s enough for you, your friend, and a whole bunch of gear.

The Colorado comes in at almost 11 feet with a width of over 3 feet, much broader than hard-shell kayaks. This adds up to a do-it-all kayak that is maneuverable on Class II and Class III rivers, and is pretty much impossible to tip.

The adjustable seats on the Colorado keep you comfortable for the duration of your outing. The seats are removable to make packing the Colorado as compact as possible.

If you have ever sat on an air-supported cushion, you know what real comfort is about. You can position the seats wherever you like in the Colorado, and durable straps hold the backrest in place. These backrests get rave reviews, which is a relief for those who suffer from back pain.

The Sevylor Colorado 2-person inflatable fishing kayak boasts surprising maneuverability in the water. It’s a kayak when you want it to be, a canoe when you need, and a trolling craft when you so desire. That’s diversity.

The Colorado’s skeg system keeps it tracking properly. No secret fishing hole is too difficult to reach with this craft. Seek out shallow channels where other boats just can’t go.

What We Would Like to See Improved

Sevylor Colorado Inflatable Fishing Kayak ReviewWhile the Sevylor Colorado Fishing Kayak is a wonderful inflatable fishing rig, there are some areas that Sevylor engineers will surely be working on to improve.

One of the downsides to this kayak is that it does not come with paddles or a pump. Buyers of the Colorado will need to calculate the expense of oars and a pump when figuring the total cost of ownership. 96″ paddles are recommended, as well as a double activity pneumatic pump.

Another area is the construction of inflatable craft in general.

The Colorado is produced using bladder construction—manufacturers in North America use bladder construction as a cost saving measure. The problem with this type of construction is that it’s a regular occurrence for some water to get inside the hull sleeves which contain the bladders. This results in the boat taking a long time to dry out.

Packing a wet boat isn’t fun, nor is finding a place to dry it out. With a wet inflatable kayak, mildew may develop and shorten the lifespan of the craft.

Some users of the Sevylor Colorado have reported issues with the Boston valves on the craft not being up to par. However, some of these issues could be related to not sufficiently inflating the craft.

Also, the valves may be on the small side for some pumps, frustrating users.

Some buyers have noted that the Boston valves may lose pressure from the securing screw threads, and the floor valve might become hot when using a high volume pump as it does not let in air quickly enough.

Finally, some users report the Colorado as not being easy to paddle with one paddle (tracking can be an issue in flat bottomed boats). Two paddlers could handle the Colorado with canoe paddles, but a solo paddler is better off with a kayak paddle. Improvements in the future could come in the form of an improved skeg system—the skeg could be larger, or the Colorado could utilize a dual skeg system for better handling.

Final Thoughts

What makes the Sevylor Colorado a good choice when it comes to inflatable fishing kayaks? It boils down to superior stability, a serious payload capacity, and decent tracking capabilities. This is a boat that is easy to get in and out of the water, and is sure to give you many memorable adventures.

Overall, we recommend the Sevylor Colorado Fishing Kayak for anyone who is searching for a fun and affordable inflatable fishing rig that can stand up to regular use.

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  1. Great review. I own the Sevylor Big Basin, and before that the Sevylor Tahiti. Great inflatable boats both. I’ve seen the Colorado in action, as it’s construction is almost identical to the Big Basin. I have it for about 2 years now, and is doing great!

  2. Skai — we’ve found that whether a boat is a good fit can be very subjective. That said, we’ve seen multiple reports from people 6’2″+ saying that they found it comfortable and spacious. The seats are also adjustable, which should help.

  3. I have the original version of the Colorado. I used it for years but later bought an Old Town hardshell and an Innova Swing 2 for touring. But now I am getting back into fishing and thought about modifying my Colorado. I was just thinking of s plywood partial floor to attach my rod holders, fish finder, etc to. I was thinking of just using a lawnchair to get some height for casting. Any thoughts?

  4. Barry – sounds like you’re a DIY sort of guy! You’re definitely going to want to do some testing – that lawn chair may make your center of gravity higher than you want it for good stability.

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