Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak Reviews

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Due to their growing popularity, there’s no shortage of glowing Sea Eagle inflatable kayak reviews. These rugged, extremely well-built kayaks have become a favorite of kayakers and outdoor enthusiasts over the years, and for very good reason.

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak Review – An Overview

Sea Eagle has been providing safe, durable, and quality models of sport and explorer inflatable kayaks since 1968. They offer a variety of different models throughout a wide price range so that any customer can find the most appropriate model and discount package for his or her kayaking trip.

Sea Eagle currently offers four different lines of inflatable kayaks…

  1. Sea Eagle Sport Kayaks, offered in in two different models
  2. Sea Eagle FastTracks, available in two models
  3. Sea Eagle Explorer Kayaks, which come in three models
  4. Sea Eagle PaddleSki

Sea Eagle Sport Kayak Review

Sea Eagle Sport Kayak ReviewThe Sea Eagle Sport Kayak is an extremely lightweight and portable design. It comes in two different models, the SE 330 and the SE 370, each of which weighs around thirty pounds.

The Sea Eagle SE 330 inflatable kayak can hold two adults and the SE 370 can hold three. They are small enough to be packed in a durable carry bag when deflated, yet are strong and durable enough to withstand the rough waters of even the most demanding of kayaking trips.

There are several amenities that are included in this model that distinguish it from other Sea Eagle boats. They include a self bailing drain valve, lashed down inflatable spray skirts, I-beam construction floor for added rigidity and stability, pressure gauge, repair kit, and bow and stern grab lines for extra protection.

Sea Eagle FastTrack Review

Sea Eagle FastTrack ReviewThe Sea Eagle FastTrack kayak is one of Sea Eagle’s newest models, and are designed to be lighter, sleeker, faster, and more rigid to handle more intense kayaking trips and rougher waters.

The Sea Eagle FastTrack comes in two different models, the 385 ft, and the 465 ft, which can hold two and three adults, respectively. The FastTrack kayaks still maintain a light weight at around forty pounds, but only take less than ten minutes to fully inflate.

Some of the special features that distinguish this model from the others include front and rear spray skirts, bow and stern grab handles, a sun and saltwater-resistant material, and separate inner High Pressure Drop Stitch floor for greater rigidity among other features.

Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak Review

Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak ReviewThe Sea Eagle Explorer Kayaks are the most rugged and durable of the kayaks offered by Sea Eagle. They are designed for raging whitewater rapids or open-wilderness touring, and they’re strong enough to withstand Class IV rapids.

There are three different models within this line: the 340x, the 380x, and the 420x. They are capable of accommodating up to two, three, and three adults respectively, yet they all take less than ten minutes to inflate. Some of the highlights of this model include removable inflatable seats, carry bag to transport the vessel, repair kit, front and rear spray guards, and an I-beam floor for extra rigidity and stability.

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak Reviews, Opinions, and Testimonials

“My PaddleSki 435 through the innercity canals of Utrecht in Holland.”

– Frank Op ‘t Veld
Utrecht, Holland

“We also tried using hotel’s kayak, but they are not as stable as our own Seaeagle 420x. Our 420x was able to endure hitting coral reefs and sharp rocks with only very minor scratches at the bottom of the kayak. Our 420x had been to many other exotic locations with us for the past years, and I must say the kayak surpasses my expectation in many ways. Thanks Sea Eagle for building such a well built kayak.”

– Tony Kwong
Winnipeg, Ontario

“This is the perfect boat for one person to handle alone. I do not need to wait on anyone to help me when I get ready to go. Just throw it on the back of the truck and go. I love it.”

– Gary Wilson
Quitman, CA

“The Paddle Ski allows us to motor to the area and then paddle up this beautiful section. Amazing boat. Notice the way too cool motor, paddles, anchor, makes my paddle ski a motor boat, kayak, swim platform, fishing boat, easy to setup and take down and store in my RV. The most amazing water craft you can image. ”

– Norm Penn
Salem, OR

“Fishing an Alpine lake in the North Cascade Mountains, Washington. It’s a hike to get to this beautiful lake.”

– Fritz Zuch
Winthrop WA

“Any age can enjoy kayaking in Monterey Bay.”

– Joy Nichols
Santa Maria CA

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