Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak Review

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For adventurers looking for the perfect boat, the Sea Eagle Explorer kayak is a great option. These sturdy, durable models are built for the thrill of raging whitewater rapids but can also handle open-water wilderness touring. They are suitable for adventurous weekends and harrowing treks that some find thrilling and enjoyable.

The Sea Eagle Explorer is one of the most robust inflatable kayaks. They’re built to withstand Class IV rapids and can transport you down miles of wilderness rivers to primitive campsites where others have not gone before. They are also small enough to carry easily and can be packed in the trunk of a car, eliminating the need to buy expensive rooftop racks or trailers.

Sea Eagle Explorer Review – An Overview

Sea Eagle Explorer KayakThe Sea Eagle Explorer kayak is very versatile and can handle wet or dry conditions, unlike most other inflatable kayaks. The Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak line features a unique double floor protection system and its durable construction material is strong enough to withstand being hit with a hammer.

The Sea Eagle Explorer kayak line features three different models, the 340x, the 380x, and the 420x. Each of these contains the same standard features. All are NMMA certified, contain four high capacity self-bailing drain valves, removable inflatable seating, front and rear spray skirts with water deflector guards and rope lacing, separate I-beam floors for rigidity, 6 D-rings to secure seating for one or two people, one-way valves on main chambers, and accompanying carry bag and repair kit.

The specifications of each model vary slightly. The 340x weighs 42 pounds and has a capacity of 2 adults or up to 600 pounds, is made of 1000 Denier Reinforced material, contains three recessed one way air valves, and takes seven minutes to completely inflate. The 380x weighs 47 pounds and can hold two or three adults, or up to 750 pounds of cargo. It is constructed from the same material and takes a total of eight minutes to inflate. The 420x can also hold two to three adults, or up to a maximum of 855 pounds. It weighs 54 pounds and takes nine minutes to inflate.

There are two different discount packages available from Sea Eagle which incorporate the Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak models. These are designed to provide all the necessary equipment for a specific type of trip, along with the boat, at an affordable cost to the customer.

The first is the Deluxe package. This comes with any of the models, along with two 7’10” AB30 paddles, two inflatable seats, and a foot pump. This is great for customers looking for primarily a paddling and rowing trip.

The next package is the Pro Kayak package. This is suitable for longer and more adventurous trips. It includes any one of the models, two 8′ AB40 Paddles, two tall back seats, a foot pump, a bow storage bag, and a stern bag.

Like the other boats we’ve reviewed in our Sea Eagle kayak reviews, this one is built to last and we highly recommend it if you’re looking for an inflatable kayak to last you for years to come.

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