Sea Eagle SE 370 Inflatable Kayak Review | 2023

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The SE 370 is an entry-level inflatable kayak that can support up to three passengers.

The SE 370 is an entry-level inflatable kayak that can support up to three passengers.

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Sea Eagle SE 370 Review: Kayak Overview

The Sea Eagle SE 370 is an entry-level inflatable kayak that offers great durability and ease of use for up to three people at the same time. Made with a heavy-duty PVC material, the SE 370 is fast to inflate, easy to maintain, and is capable of supporting up to 650 lbs of people, pets, and cargo. You can choose from four different preset packages to match the number of paddlers and type of kayaking you want to do.

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Sea Eagle SE 370
  • Construction & Durability
  • Features and Comfort
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Maneuverability
  • Tracking


The Sea Eagle SE 370 is a great entry-level inflatable kayak to use with the whole family.


  • High capacity size is ready for up to three kayakers at once
  • Multiple package options to suit your specific needs
  • Durable PVC hull is abrasion and cut resistant
  • One-way air valves
  • Updated floor design improves stiffness, speed, and tracking
  • Large diameter tubes and inflatable deck plates reduce water entry
  • 3 year warranty and 120 day return period


  • The larger size means it is much harder to paddle solo than the SE 330, especially if fully loaded for kayak camping
  • Sagging can be an issue if weight is not evenly distributed
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Construction and Durability

The SE 370 is built with a tough PVC material called Polykrylon that has an extremely high hardness factor to better resist abrasion and cutting. The air valves are a one-way design eliminating accidental deflation or loss of air when setting up the kayak, and the new 5-tube I-beam floor offers better stiffness and performance than the previous version.

The SE 370 is 12’6” long, 34” wide, and has 10” diameter side tubes. There are three main air chambers.

Tubes and Air Valves

Inflatable kayaks can be made in a number of different ways. The SE 370 uses a single layer of heavy-duty PVC material for all components of the kayak. The tubes and floor are built using high-frequency radio welding to ensure the seams do not leak or delaminate when exposed to higher ambient temperatures.

There are three main air chambers – the two side tubes and the floor. The side tubes have a 10” diameter to create lots of flotation and support a high capacity of up to 650 lbs, but aren’t so large that it’s difficult to paddle over them.

Each air chamber uses a high-quality one-way valve. This allows air to enter the chamber from the pump, but when you remove the pump hose it prevents the air from escaping before placing the dust cap over the valve. In addition to the main air chambers, the deck and hull plates are also inflatable and feature the same high-quality valves.

Floor Design and Stiffness

This latest version of the SE 370 Sport Kayak features an I-beam floor made with 5 tubes that run the length of the kayak. This is a change from the 7-tube floor design of the previous model. By using fewer, but larger, tubes the SE-370 becomes more rigid when inflated and has better tracking and speed performance.

This also makes the kayak more rigid overall, however you’ll still want to distribute your passenger and cargo weight as evenly as possible to help prevent sagging.

The five-chamber floor design is more rigid and provides better performance than the previous version.

Additional Details

How durable is an inflatable kayak? Well, the SE 370 is NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) certified to meet the construction requirements for inflatable watercraft set by the American Boat & Yacht Association standards. Not many companies even bother to seek such certifications!

One of the great benefits of the single-wall PVC construction on the SE-370 is the drying time. While many people ask about how long it takes to inflate a kayak (about 8 minutes), not many consider how long it takes to dry before packing up for the day. The PVC material quickly sheds water and dries in just a few minutes, much faster than nylon-shell kayaks that absorb and hold onto water turning drying times from minutes into hours.



Length12' 6"
Tube Diameter10"
Inflation Pressure1.1 PSI
Max Capacity650 lbs
Boat Weight32 lbs
Kit WeightTBD lbs
Buying Info
List Price
Warranty Period3 Years
Return Period120 Days

Features, Accessories and Comfort

The SE 370 is a recreational sport kayak that’s meant primarily for casual paddle sessions over short distances, however that’s not the only thing it is capable of. With such a large capacity and plenty of room, you can easily load up the SE 370 for an overnight kayak camping trip, take several family members at once, or transform it into a fishing kayak with the Sport Fishing package.

The SE 370 is available in four different package options.

The bow and stern both feature a multi-point grab line that can be used to help carry the kayak and to lash down items to the front and rear of the boat. While it does come standard with two kayak seats and two paddles, you can choose to add an additional seat and paddle to accommodate up to three paddlers at once.

The SE 370 has two flexible skegs permanently attached to the hull of the kayak.


There are twin fixed skegs under the stern of the kayak that help it track straight. By having two twin fins you get better tracking performance than a single (or no) skeg, and the fins are made of a super durable molded plastic and are permanently attached to the kayak – so there’s no worry about forgetting the fins at home.

Available Packages / Other Features

Pro Kayak Package

The Pro Kayak Package includes just about everything you need to get on the water – just add a lifejacket, bottle of water and some sunscreen and you are good to go. Included with this kit are the kayak, two inflatable seats, two 4-piece aluminum paddles, a repair kit, and a foot pump with pressure gauge. All of this fits into the included carrying bag.

Electric Pump Pro Package

The Electric Pump Pro Package includes everything in the Pro Kayak package, plus a 12-volt electric blower inflator to quickly fill the SE 370’s air chambers.

Sport Fishing Package

The sport fishing package comes with a single inflatable seat and aluminum paddle, but adds in a multi-purpose storage box that doubles as a fishing rod holder.

QuickSail Package

The QuickSail package includes everything in the Pro Kayak Package, but adds the Sea Eagle QuickSail. This is a great option for those who like to sail downwind, but want a sail that can quickly be rolled up and stowed away when heading into the breeze.

Warranty and Customer Support

Sea Eagle is a family owned and operated company, and their customer service is outstanding. The Sea Eagle SE 370 kayak is backed by their 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects, and they also include an unheard of 120 day risk-free trial period. If you run into any issues with your SE 370, you can contact Sea Eagle via phone, email, webform, or social media.

Final Thoughts

The SE-370 is a great option for tandem kayakers getting started on a budget.

Sea Eagle’s long history of making inflatable watercraft (since the 1960’s!) makes them a no-brainer when shopping for an inflatable kayak. The SE 370 provides an amazing value for paddlers with any of their three packages. Sea Eagle also offers the longest warranty and return period available at this entry-level price. With good performance on the water and a high capacity, the SE 370 is a sure hit for the family paddlers.

Sea Eagle SE 370 Kayak FAQ

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